Aid Workers Kidnapped, Killed and Arrested

We track and record global events where aid workers were killed, kidnapped or arrested (KKA) in open sources and from verified information shared by our 28 aid agencies.

Using open sources and verified submissions from partner agencies, Insecurity Insight documents aid workers killed, kidnapped and arrested. These incidents affect aid workers, their families, and aid agencies deeply. It has an impact on aid agencies security risk management and ultimately access to aid for beneficiaries.

Our Aid Worker KKA dataset includes any individual employed by or attached to a humanitarian, UN, international, national, or government aid agency. It is updated with new and historic reports and is cross checked with the Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD).

The dataset with quick charts can be accessed via Aid Worker KKA on HDX and includes the number of aid workers affected, by date and country. Additional data points will be released in the coming months.

We would like to thank all our partner agencies for sharing their data with us.

Did you know

These quick charts are custimizable, free to download and you can use them in your own reports. Click the download symbol on the chart and get a snapshot for your own use.
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KKA Data

KKA Data

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