Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition

We collate data on attacks on health workers and facilities, patients for the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).

Attacks on health care violate international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions to protect and respect health care in conflict.

New dataset

The latest available data on 950 attacks on health care in 23 countries in conflict during January and September 2019 is now available on HDX.

Impunity Remains

The 2019 SHCC report ‘Impunity Remains’ focuses on 973 attacks
on health workers, health facilities, health transports, and patients in 23 countries in conflict in 2018. It is available in English, Arabic and French.

The report documents a marked increase in the number of documented attacks compared to 2017, when SHCC reported 701 such instances.  Yet, we believe that this is still an under reporting of the true scale.

About the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC)

The SHCC is made up of 40 health provider organizations, humanitarian groups, human rights organizations, NGOs, and academic programs to take action to protect health workers and end attacks against them. 

The coalition promotes the security of health workers and services threatened by war or civil unrest; strengthen universal norms of respect for the right to health; demand accountability for perpetrators; and empower providers and civil society groups to be champions for their right to health.

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