Security Incident Information Management (SIIM)

Collecting, recording, analysing and using safety and security incident information to maintain staff security, safety and access to beneficiaries.

Good safety and security incident information management (SIIM) practices allow aid agencies to reduce the impact of safety and security incidents on aid operations and staff. It improves the ability of organisations to prevent future incidents from happening.

SIIM is a key building block in meeting duty of care obligations towards staff and supports good decision-making for programmes, safety and security, human resources and budgeting. SIIM can improve access to communities in need and also support advocacy efforts. Good safety and security incident information management finds the right balance between these benefits and the administrative costs of the system.

Practical guidance materials on SIIM include a Mobile Guide, the Handbook with User Guide, the Toolkit and Podcasts.

Also available in French and Spanish

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Mobile Guide


A 10-minute easy-to-use Mobile Guide on best practices for incident reporting, analysis, information sharing, informed decision-making, and policy.

This mobile guide covers the reasons why it is critical for organisations to manage safety and security incident information, outlines the four key steps in SIIM, and provides a list of suggested incident definitions to use.

Developed jointly with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and available on DisasterReady!


The SIIM Handbook supports users in establishing and developing effective information management for safety and security event reporting and monitoring systems, both internally and externally, across organisations and the sector.

It is structured around four objectives and seeks to make an important contribution in advancing practices related to safety and security incident information management within non-governmental organisations.

Developed jointly with EISF and RedR UK.

User Guide

The SIIM Handbook User Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the SIIM Handbook.

It is a document which enables staff to access the parts of the handbook which are most relevant to them, their position within the organisation, and what they want to know.

Developed jointly with EISF and RedR UK.



The Humanitarian Incidents Podcast presents a series of conversations with experts from Geneva to South Sudan discussing how to understand, manage and use of information on incidents, how this can improve organisations’ risk management and access to crisis-affected populations.

Developed jointly with EISF and RedR UK.