Central African Republic

INGO aid workers robbed by armed group
11 January 2023: Along the Ouandja-Birao road, Ouandja, Birao, Vakag, INGO aid workers were robbed of their belongings by an unidentified armed group. Source: ACLED1 Return to CAR home page more
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Health Care

2021 Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC) Factsheet

107 incidents of violence or obstruction against health care were perpetrated in the CAR in 2021, compared to eight attacks in 2020 according to a report by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC), based on data collated by coalition member Insecurity Insight.

Factsheet available in English and French.

In the CAR, incidents were particularly high during the first seven months of 2021 after the collapse of the peace talks in December 2020. Throughout 2021 vital medical supplies were stolen and looted from health facilities and ambulances carrying health workers travelling to provide health care to remote areas of the country. Sixteen health workers were injured in road ambushes and during robberies at health facilities.

The number and type of incidents included in the report represent only those incidents where information was available from reputable sources.

This factsheet is based on the dataset 2021 SHCC CAR Health Data, which is available for download on the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX). 

Our Global Interactive Map on Threats and Violence against Health Care provides access to continuously updated information on violence against health care in conflict and related to COVID-19.