Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon raided by security forces
24 June 2024: In unnamed Syrian refugee camps, Hasroun village, Bsharri district, North governorate, Lebanese security forces raided camps and gave residents two weeks to leave. Source: Syria News. Return to Lebanon home page. more
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Aid in Danger

In 2020, generalised insecurity affected aid operations, assets and staff. Aid delivery was disrupted by shootings more than once in Baalbek-Hermel governorate. Allegations of misconduct by aid agencies or staff, as well as state intervention have impeded aid agencies’ operational space.

Aid vehicles were taken in armed carjacking’s in Beqaa and Baalbek-Hermel governorates. Theft of staff personal property and small amounts of money occurred in various locations in the country. Staff experienced threats, sexual harassment, and beneficiary or protester violence whilst working on project sites.

Aid agencies issued security instructions such as staff hibernation, limited staff movement and programme suspensions in response to the general security context, including crossfire shooting, police raids, armed robberies and carjacking’s. Data