Seriously affected by the Sahel security crisis in recent years, a coup d’état in July 2023 risks further exacerbating humanitarian needs and security risks for aid agencies in Niger.

Ambulance intercepted by armed men in the Tillabéri region
23 August 2023: On a road between Niamey and Tera department, Tillabéri region, armed men on motorcycles intercepted an ambulance of the district hospital of Tera. The ambulance was subsequently recovered by military forces on patrol. Source: Urgence Tillabery. Return to Niger home page. more
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Social Media Monitoring

To support the humanitarian response in the Sahel, Insecurity Insight is conducting ongoing social media monitoring to understand sentiments on key issues expressed via social media. Our latest document on Niger presents the findings of some 1,500 Facebook posts during the coup d’état in Niger of 26 July 2023. The aim was to identify possible misinformation, disinformation or malformation targeting the aid sector and online sentiment trends that could be indicative of possible risks for international aid organisations as a result of the coup. It found that pro-coup opinions tended to dominate debates about the coup on Facebook but that significant numbers of profiles of people from countries such as Burkina Faso and Mali without direct connections to Niger were contributing to this. The full analysis is accessible here.

Aid in Danger

Due to the unpredictable security situation in the country humanitarian access is constrained. The safety of humanitarian workers is a concern particularly following the abduction in June 2020 of nine local aid workers in, Tillaberi region and an attack in August 2020 where eight aid workers, (six international staff and two local staff) working for an INGO  were killed also in Tillaberi region. Data


In February 2020, a number of schools were set on fire by ISGS militants in the Tillaberi region. Teachers were also at risk of being targeted by Islamist groups. In Tillaberi and Agadez region teachers were shot at, killed and abducted by various militant groups. Data

IDPs and Refugees

In 2020, conflict and violence has increased the number of displaced persons in the country with the majority of displacement occurring in Tahoua and Tillaberi regions. According to the Internal Displacement monitoring centre, in the first half of 2020 the number of newly displaced persons exceeded those for the whole of 2019. 
IDP and refugee communities were targeted and attacked by Islamist militants groups. In May and June Intikana refugee camp in Tahoua region was attacked twice by large groups of armed men with possible links to Al Qaeda and ISIS. Data