The war in Yemen, especially violent since 2015, has created a situation of severe humanitarian needs.

Head of World Food Programme Taiz office shot
21 July 2023: In At Turbah town, Taiz governorate, the Head of the WFP Taiz office, of Jordanian nationality, was shot by unidentified gunmen as part of a wider attack on civilians inside a restaurant. He died shortly after being hospitalised. The next day, police arrested two suspects, whilst detaining 10 more. Sources: Al Jazeera, AWSD, The New Arab I, The […] more
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Health Care

Based on Insecurity Insight data, the Yemen country chapter of the 2022 Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition report identified at least 24 incidents of violence against or obstruction of access to health care in the country in 2022, a similar number to 20 in 2021. In these incidents, at least seven health workers were killed and five others were kidnapped. Health facilities were damaged at least 12 times which often led to their closure. The full chapter is accessible in English and in Arabic.

Our data regarding attacks on health care in Yemen is accessible for download on HDX.

Our Global Interactive Map on Threats and Violence against Health Care provides access to continuously updated information on violence against health care in conflict and related to COVID-19.