Sahel Monitoring

Supporting organisations with information on violent and threatening incidents affecting aid operations, civilians, education, healthcare, refugees and IDPs in the Sahel region to ensure staff safety and better responses.

This new series provides an overview and explores violent and threatening incidents affecting aid operations, health care, education, civilians, refugees and IDPs in Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Niger.

A first series will share available incident information on threats and violence against civilians and vital civilian facilities, datasets and quick charts. Using this information, a series of country insights on key security concerns will follow.

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Social Media Monitoring

EN / To support the humanitarian response in the Sahel region, Insecurity Insight is conducting ongoing social media monitoring to understand perceptions and key concerns around aid response in the region, with the aim of contributing to the development of aid agencies’ communication strategies in response to community sentiment.

FR / Afin de soutenir la réponse humanitaire dans la région du Sahel, Insecurity Insight mène une veille permanente sur les réseaux sociaux pour comprendre les perceptions et les principles préoccupations autour de la réponse humanitaire dans la région, dans le but de contribuer au développement des stratégies de communication des agences d’aide en réponse au sentiment de la communauté.