Attacks on Health Care

Health care workers and health facilities are frequently targeted in conflict zones and during period of political upheaval with devastating consequences for civilians and access to health care. Health workers and facilities are also targeted during public health emergencies limiting the effectiveness of responses.

Attacks on health care violate international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions to protect and respect health care in conflict. These incidents have a devastating consequences for civilians and access to health care.

Insecurity Insight monitors open sources for information on events that interfere with the delivery of health care. This information is shared once a month in our Monthly News Briefs, and with a wide range of stakeholders who campaign for change or work on the ground.

COVID-19 and Ebola Monitoring

Insecurity Insight is monitoring open sources for the latest available information on COVID-19 developments impacting the security of response operations around the world.

Insecurity Insight provided regular information alerts, practical recommendations and trend analysis and risk management around the attacks on the Ebola.

Public health emergencies in conflict-affected areas or insecure settings can lead to significant security challenges. Learn how to implement risk management measures during a public health emergency or infectious disease outbreak using our lessons learned report or mobile guide

Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC)

Insecurity Insight supports the SHCC with data collection and management for its annual report.

Impact of Attacks on Health Care

Insecurity Insight is working with the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University of Manchester, UK, on the Researching the Impact of Attacks on Healthcare (RIAH) project, which aims to improve the understanding of the nature, frequency, scale, and impact of attacks on healthcare in conflict through improved data collection and analysis.


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What is an attack on health care?

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H2H Network

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