Central African Republic

Health centre looted by paramilitary organisation linked to the Wagner Group
16 October 2021: In Kpondigmon village, Bossangoa town and district, Ouham prefecture, a health centre was looted, shops destroyed, livestock stolen and three civilians killed during an attack on the village by personnel of the Russia-linked paramilitary organisation Wagner Group, supported by the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). Sources: Corbeau News and Humangle more
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Health Care

Compared to 2019, violence against and obstruction of health care decreased in 2020.

In Haut-Mbomou prefecture health workers were kidnapped during a measles vaccination campaign by Ex-Seleka Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC). Whilst in Nana-Grébizi province, armed groups frequently targeted aid volunteer organisations and health INGOs during armed robberies. Data

Our Global Interactive Map on Threats and Violence against Health Care provides access to continuously updated information on violence against health care in conflict and related to COVID-19.