Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is at the centre of armed violence in the Sahel. More than a million people have been displaced by increased violence since 2019 and key civilian facilities such as hospitals and schools have been rendered dysfunctional.

Quarter of Burkina Faso’s schools forced to close
13 November 2023: Around a quarter of Burkina Faso’s schools have been forced to close due to an insurgency that has killed at least 100 people on 06 November. Source: Club of Mozambique . Return to Burkina Faso home page. more
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Health Care

Insecurity Insight monitors attacks on health care in Burkina Faso. Our data is accessible here and can be explored visually using our interactive map: Attacked and Threatened: Health Care at Risk.

Based on Insecurity Insight data, the Burkina Faso country chapter of the 2022 Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition report documented at least 61 reported incidents of violence against or obstruction of access to health care in 2022, an increase from 2021 when 49 such incidents were reported. Among these incidents, at least 27 ambulances were stolen and health facilities were looted from health centres, medical warehouses, and pharmacies. All reported incidents affected health workers operating in the national health structure. The increase of incidents in 2022 was particularly marked in the Boucle du Mouhoun, Centre-Nord, and the Nord regions. The chapter is accessible in English and in French.

Aid in Danger

Recurrent insecurity threatens access for aid agencies across Burkina Faso. Aid workers have repeatedly been kidnapped, killed and injured, often during hijackings of aid convoys. Insecurity Insight monitors such attacks as part of the Aid in Danger project. Our data is available for download here.


Insecurity Insight monitors attacks on education in Burkina Faso. Our data is available for download here.

Such attacks are especially common in the Est, Boucle de Mouhoun, Centre-Nord, Nord, Centre-Ouest, and Ouagadougou regions. Schools have been set on fire, contents have been looted and students and teachers have been killed and kidnapped by armed groups. By monitoring these incidents, Insecurity Insight aims to improve understandings of these and help mitigate future risks.