Türkiye has witnessed violence between the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and government forces since 2015. The country also hosts approximately four million refugees, the majority of whom have fled the Syrian conflict, and was seriously affected by earthquakes in early 2023.

Following the H2H Network’s call for proposals to strengthen humanitarian responses to the earthquakes that hit southeast Türkiye and northwest Syria in February 2023, Insecurity Insight monitors social media to support the communications and security risk-management strategies of aid providers on the ground.

Through regular analyses of public social data collected from various social media platforms in Türkiye and Syria, the main objective is to identify false information (including mis-, dis-, and mal- information) targeting aid providers. By highlighting this with aid organisations, Insecurity Insight aims to ensure that harmful online information does not adversely impact programme effectiveness and security.

Insecurity Insight is also employing social data to conduct community perception analyses to assess sentiment towards key international aid organisations among affected communities in Türkiye and northwest Syria. This ensures that, especially in the case of negative sentiment, aid organisations have the possibility of responding to the affected communities’ concerns.   

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