Our Vision

Insecurity Insight aims to enable a world in which civilians are protected from violence in armed conflict, and in which local, national, and international civilian organisations are empowered to mitigate the consequences of violence by effectively delivering assistance, healthcare, educational opportunities, and protection to people affected by armed conflict.

Our Mission

As an H2H (humanitarian to humanitarian) association, Insecurity Insight supports the work of aid agencies, providers of healthcare, education, and protection services, and other civil society organisations by providing publicly available information for evidence-based policies. It collects and analyses data about violence against civilians and damage and destruction of vital civilian infrastructure in order strengthen civilian protection and the delivery of aid in armed conflict.

Our Activities

We develop and implement new standards in event-based data collection and analysis in order to provide actionable and publicly-accessible information about the underlying patterns of violence. We disseminate this information through data visualisations and providing access to data on public platforms, such as the Humanitarian Data Exchange.

We provide support, advice and technical assistance to entities whose primary activity is the delivery of aid, provision of healthcare, education or civilian protection. This takes the form of direct partnerships with aid agencies, collaboration with other H2H organisations, as well as the drafting and dissemination of analytical reports.  

We work in coalition with organisations that aim to prevent such violence, mitigate its impact, or strengthen accountability. This includes collaborations with aid actors, UN agencies, universities and other research or advocacy bodies.

We provide capacity-building and training, participates in policy discussions, and supports humanitarian diplomacy and UN processes related to civilian protection or the effective delivery of aid.

Our Values


Insecurity Insight believes that every human shall be treated with dignity and respect. The purpose of humanitarian action is to alleviate suffering, protect and save lives, while also protecting the rights of those affected by conflict as well as their ability to make decisions regarding their safety and wellbeing.

Insecurity Insight prioritizes the humanity of conflict-affected people by highlighting failures in civilian protection, violations of humanity, and obstacles that prevent the delivery of assistance in conflict.


In order to preserve its moral and financial independence, Insecurity Insight acts in accordance with its own values and never in accordance with governmental, commercial, or other external interests. Insecurity Insight respects the position of local civilian actors in humanitarian settings, including in areas where international actors are not present. Insecurity Insight maintains its independence when working in coalition with others and upholds the right of partners to hold independent positions.


Insecurity Insight does not take sides in conflict and provides data and information without partiality to external interests.  Insecurity Insight rejects discrimination on the ground of ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or social class and recognizes that differences in lived experience contribute unique perspectives.


Insecurity Insight seeks to prevent and mitigate any negative impact of its actions on aid providers and people affected by conflict, such as jeopardising the continued delivery of aid or the safety and security of those providing it. It does not operate directly in conflict settings. Insecurity Insight aims to support and amplify local civilian voices in matters related to the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure, without necessarily endorsing all their positions.


Insecurity Insight believes in transparent and open information, and provides free, public access to its data and analysis. Insecurity Insight collaborates with other data-based projects wherever possible and seeks to maximise the interoperability of data. At the same time, it is committed to informed consent and the protection of personal and group data. Accordingly, it also balances the provision of public data with the need to ensure this does not put others (individuals or entities) at risk of further harm.


Insecurity Insight upholds the highest standards of professionalism by adhering to the best available data collection practices. It is committed to continuous learning and innovation in doing so.