Gunmen storm clinic and rape nurse in South Kordofan
Between 06 and 12 June 2022: In Abbasiya village, South Kordofan state, three gunmen reportedly stormed a health clinic and raped a nurse at gunpoint. Source: Dabanga Sudan Return to Sudan home page more
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Health Care

In 2019, during anti-government protests, state forces killed, arrested, tortured, and sexually abused health workers and fired tear gas inside health facilities. In incidents related to demonstrations, perpetrators targeted health workers as they participated in protests or treated protesters in hospitals or clinics.1 In other incidents unrelated to demonstrations or protests, state forces and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) assaulted health workers while they were providing care to patients inside health facilities.

Non-state actor groups kidnapped and injured health workers and stole health supplies. Sudan Liberation Movement Army-Abdel Wahid (SLM/A-Al) Nur rebels and armed pastoralists are two of the suspected non-state actor groups who carried out these incidents.

Read the 2020 SHCC report, Sudan chapter.

Sexual Violence

Women and children living in the Darfur regions of Sudan are at risk of being raped inside IDP camps, while collecting firewood, grazing cows or other livestock by armed militia, factions of the Sudan Liberation Army, pastoralists and the Sudanese Armed Forces.

Sexual abusers are often armed with guns, sometimes on motorcycles, horseback, camels  or donkeys. 

Mass and gang rape, and rapes while being held kidnapped are all common. At least one woman was killed after she was raped. Survivors are aged between 8 and 50 years old. Data