Since violence erupted between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary force in April 2023, humanitarian needs have been severely exacerbated. Mass forced displacement has been trigged amidst attacks on hospitals and other civilian infrastructure.

Hospital damaged in East Darfur state
20 February 2024: In Ed Daein city, East Darfur state, a hospital, Neem IDP Camp and two water stations were damaged when the SAF reportedly dropped barrel bombs on the area. Source: Dabanga Sudan. Return to Sudan home page. more
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Health Care

Insecurity Insight monitors attacks on health care in Sudan. Our latest data is available for download here.

Since the severe escalation of violence in the country in mid-April 2023, health facilities have been damaged in shelling and arson attacks, vital medical supplies have been looted, health workers killed, injured and arrested, and patients deliberately obstructed from accessing health care. This is not the first time that health care in Sudan has been attacked. Insecurity Insight data revealed in the Sudan country chapter of the 2022 annual Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition report that there were at least 53 incidents of violence or obstruction of health care in the country that year. 

Conflict and Hunger

Following the outbreak of violence in mid-April 2023, food production factories and markets have been destroyed, fatal attacks on humanitarian food aid personnel have been perpetrated and looting of food has occurred on a large scale. In May 2023, it was estimated that a further 2-2.5 million people in Sudan would fall into hunger in the following three to six months due to persisting violence.

Insecurity Insight monitors conflict events contributing to food insecurity in Sudan as part of its conflict and hunger project. Our latest report examines conflict events with clearly foreseeable consequences for food security in Sudan between 15 April and 16 June 2023. It can be viewed here. Data covering the same period is accessible for download here.

Sexual Violence

Insecurity Insight documents reported incidents of sexual violence in Sudan. Although many incidents go unreported, our data – available for download here – provides insights into their traumatic consequences.

Insecurity Insight’s latest report on this topic analyses 18 cases of sexual violence against 39 women and girls in the Darfur region in the period from January to October 2020. It demonstrates that women and girls were frequently at risk of being targeted with sexual violence whilst pursuing daily activities but that the perpetrators were rarely held accountable. Documentation is key to overcoming this.