Education in Danger

Educators, students and schools are attacked or threatened in many countries around the world.

Violence, threats of violence and many other actions disrupt education with devastating long-term consequences for affected students.

In May 2015, the Safe Schools Declaration was opened for endorsement at the Oslo Conference. States who endorse it commit to undertake steps to reduce students, teachers, schools, and universities being attacked, and to mitigate the negative consequences when such attacks occur. While an increasing number of states are endorsing the declaration, at presents attacks continue to occur with devastating consequences on learning.

Sahel Monitoring is a series exploring violent and threatening incidents affecting education, aid operations, health care, civilians, refugees and IDPs in Burkina FasoCameroon and Niger.

What We Do

Insecurity Insight monitors open sources and produce monthly updates on reported attacks on education in the Education in Danger Monthly News Brief. We work jointly on innovative improvements to monitoring and reporting of attacks on education and are an affiliate member of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA).


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