Attacks on Ebola Response

Supporting organisations and health providers with the latest available information alerts, analysis and practical recommendations on how to mitigate the impact of attacks on health care to ensure staff safety and better health outcomes.

After the success of a recent trial to provide up-to-date information on security events to aid agencies responding to Mozambique Cyclone Idai, we are pleased to announce a similar project ‘Attacks on Ebola Responsefor organisations working on health care in the DRC.

About the project

Since 2018, over 2100 Ebola-related deaths have been recorded in the DRC, and at least 200 attacks and threats against health workers have been reported this year alone. This project supports organisations and health providers to ensure staff safety and better health outcomes.

Information Alerts

Safety, security and access information on reported attacks on health care. Available in English and French. Aimed at staff on the ground who want to be updated on the latest reported incidents.

Practical Recommendations

Snapshot on a common security threat and how to prevent, mitigate and respond. Aimed at anyone who wants ideas on how to make organisations more resilient in insecure environments.

Trends Analysis and Risk Management

Overview of reported incidents and how to mitigate risk to staff, programmes and property. Aimed at anyone who wants an overview document summarising key trends and ideas. Read the report.

Image: Goran Tomasevic/REUTERS  

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Project Funding

Project Funding

This project is funded by the H2H Fund which is supported by UK aid from the UK government and will run from September to the end of November 2019.

Methodology and Definitions

Methodology and Definitions

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